Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boot Consultant Extraordinaire!

I have recently found yet another way to combine my newfound countrified-ness with my former passion of shopping. And to add icing to that cake, it's not even spending my own money. I know you are asking yourself "How is such a thing possible, Suburban Cowgirl?!".

I have successfully become the Boot Consultant Extraordinaire! Yes, there must be an exclamation point after the end of that title. Sort of like, Wham!. Only , with less frosted tipped hair and tight white shorts. I digress, back to the subject at hand.

Recently I have helped a few people shop for and find the perfect pair of cowboy boots. What some don't understand is that the perfect pair of cowboy boots is much like finding your soul mate. You may search and search, and think that you will never find the right ones, or that you might not know when you find the right ones, but when you's magical.

One of my recent victims, (er, I mean, clients) was my brother-in-law. After I got down to work and was shucking boots at him left and right, he asked "Were you a shoe salesman in a former life or something?" I replied, "No, I'm just REALLY good at shopping." :) He was so happy with our selection that he wore them home from the store.

My dear Aunt found her boots/soul-mates after a particularly long, grueling search. Seeing her happy smiling face while modeling them for myself and my Grandmother confirms to me that I am the Boot Consultant Extraordinaire! She definitely had that "boot-purchase-glow". Do I really neeed any more proof than that?

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