Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Nights

This weekend was very eventful indeed!

Friday was "Jessica Friday", as every Friday is now that Jessica is working with us. She pretty much plans on staying after work and hanging out in some fashion. So this week we decided we should go on an evening trail ride.

Jess doesn't have alot of horse experience, so we decided to put her on little Amara. Amara is the usual choice for kids, or people with little experience. She was bought at an auction last year and is not super responsive to cues, but is pretty laid back and usually follows the herd along nicely on rides. Long story short, I guess Amara was having an off day. Something spooked her in the pasture with Jessica on her, and Jessica had quite a fast and bumpy ride before being hurled to the ground and landing on her hip. I hear she looked like a brick when she hit the ground. This was at the very beginning of the ride, so the evening didn't really go as planned.

Saturday night was spent sitting by the lake, hanging out with the horses and some good friends, enjoying some cold drinks. Legend was quite the gentlemen, and doled out some pony rides for the kids. There was a full moon and it was bright enough that Lacy and I decided it would be fun to go for a night ride. We just rode a little bit, but both Legend and Amara did great. No spookys, and we even had some kids ride double with us on occasion. Also, my super smart horse, after being taught in only two sessions how to lie down, now would like to lay down everytime I get on him bareback. Hmmmm....I thought this would be a cool trick, but now I am not so sure.......
Anyway, back to work tomorrow. Can't we just have all weekends and no work?

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